In the wake of a global pandemic, fear grips the world as a mysterious virus spreads like wildfire, turning the infected into monstrous creatures.

As chaos reigns and civilization crumbles, whispers of the virus’s origin circulate, shrouded in secrecy and intrigue. Unbeknownst to humanity, the truth lies beyond the realm of comprehension.

Now, as darkness descends and the line between reality and nightmare blurs, survivors must navigate a world consumed by terror, confusion, and chaos, and uncover the dark secrets hidden within the shadows.

The fate of humanity hangs in the balance as the true horror of “Nyctophobia” awaits those brave enough to seek it.

Possible Encounters

What is Nyctophobia?

Nyctophobia is an apocalyptic first-person shooter where players will need to take on missions through treacherous landscapes filled with hordes of ravenous creatures.

With a dynamic mix of solo and team-based battle-royale gameplay, you’ll scavenge for essential items to outlast your opponents and secure your place as the ultimate victor. But beware, as midnight approaches, the creatures become more powerful, while even more terrifying monsters emerges from the shadows, ready to challenge even the most skilled players.

The game has multiple winning scenarios that is not just focused on direct combat. This ensures that some players will still have a chance at winning despite the other players utilizing the current combat meta. 

The game will utilize a very simple play-to-earn model; ‘market what you find to other interested players’ via our RMT (Real Money Trading) platform.